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Hamza Ali Abbasi Biography – (Biography & Pictures)

Pakistani Drama & Film Actor – Biography & Pictures of Hamza Ali Abbasi

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New and popular artist Hamza Ali Abbasi is a rising star in Pakistan. He is working hard to reach new heights in Pakistani media industry. Hamza has worked both in films and dramas. He is a skilled director as well. He is a qualified person in his field and you can see professionalism in his work.

Hamza Ali Abbas was born in Islamabad. In 2006, he graduated from the United States in film-making. Since his return to Pakistan he worked in some plays, and directed a film titled Mudhouse and the Golden Doll. Hamza states that he will be doing more film projects in the future with hope that

Hamza has won many awards in his career. At ARY Film Awards 2014, he was awarded Best Star Debut for Mein Hoon Shahid Afridi. He also won Best Supporting Actor for Waar film.

List of Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Dramas and films is here.

  • Dally in the Dark
  • Mudhouse & the Golden Doll
  • Bombay Dreams
  • Phantom Opera
  • Moulin Rouge
  • Pyare Afzal
  • Mere Dard ko Jo Zubaan Milay
  • Waar (Movie)
  • Mein Hoon Shahid Afridi (Movie)
  • Kambakht (2014 Movie)

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He is a good actor and director and we hope to see him succeed in this industry for a long time.

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Noman Ijaz Biography – (Biography & Pictures)

Pakistani Drama Actor – Biography & Pictures of Nauman Ijaz

Nauman Ijaz - Pakistani Drama Actor

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Noman Ijaz’s Birthday: June 26, 1969

Noman Ijaz is one of the most popular Pakistani drama actor who has been appearing on Pakistani TV screens for many years now. His career started from Lahore PTV (Pakistan Television). His acting brought him a lot of fame and made him popular among Pakistani locals.

Noman Ijaz was born in Lahore, where he still resides. He has done dramas for various TV channels across Pakistan. One of his early dramas included Ilzaam.

We have compiled  a short list of dramas that Noman Ijaz has done. There are many more, but we only collected some of your favorite dramas.

Noman Ijaz’s Dramas:

  • Aansoo (PTV)
  • Dasht
  • Geeli Lakri
  • Mera Saaeen (Mera Saain)
  • Jhumka Jaan
  • Kashkol
  • Khamoshian
  • Lahaasil
  • Nijaat
  • Noorpur Ki Rani
  • Sard Aag
  • Jeena To Hai
  • Man-o-Salwa
  • Aao Kahani Buntay Hain
  • Rehaai
  • Ullu Baraye Farokht
  • Kami Reh Gayee

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Noman has done many drama serials. He has done many single episode plays too. He is a very talented actor and we wish to see him in many more dramas.

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Mawra Hocane (Hussain)

Biography of Mawra Hocane – Biography and Pictures

Drama actress, Model and TV Hostess

Pictures of Mawra Hocane

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Pakistan’s star Mawra Hocane is a popular artist. She has shown her talents as an actress, VJ and model.

Mawra’s Birthday: September 28, 1992

Mawra Hocane (or Mawra Hussain) started her career at a very young age, during her teen years. She was a successful VJ at MTV Pakistan and Aag TV of Geo Entertainment. She hosted a music show there along with her sister Urwa-tul-Wusa (Urwa Hocane).

After fame from her music shows,  Mawra became a successful model. She appeared in many TV commercials and other ads, representing many brands and companies. She even appeared in Pakistan’s popular cellular company, Jazz Mobile.

Success continued to follow Mawra as she became a popular face in Pakistan’s drama industry. She has done many dramas to date. Some of her dramas include:

  • Halki Si Khalish (Hum TV)
  • Ik Tamanna La Hasil Si (Hum TV)
  • Yahan Piyar Nahin Nahin Hai (Hum TV)
  • Mere Huzoor (Express Entertainment)
  • Shadi Mubarak (ARY Digital)

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Sanam Jung

Biography of Sanam Jung – Biography and Pictures

Drama actress, Model and TV Hostess

Pictures of Sanam Jung

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Sanam Jung (Sanam Jhang) is a popular star of Pakistani TV industry. Sanam started her career as a music VJ on Geo TV. Her show was called Super Duper Gaana.

That was only the beginning. She became more regular on TV after that because of her talent and looks. She was given some major roles in Pakistani Telefilms. One of her telefilms includes Ghar Aaye Mehman and Dulhan Main Le Ke Jaoongi.

Her telefilm Ghar Aaye Mehman was sucesfull due to her amazing acting along with Shehroz Sabzwari and Mawra Hoacaine. However, her most success came through her popular drama on Hum TV, Dil-e-Muztar. Through her this drama Sanam gained much popularity. In this drama she starred in leading role along with Imran Abbas.

Since Sanam Jung started as a VJ, therefore, her career of hosting TV shows continued. She became a co-host for Hum TV’s morning show Utho Jaago Pakistan. However, her stint here didn’t last long.

Her success is doubtlessly amazing. She is still recent in TV industry and packing more success with time.

Here’s a list of dramas of Sanam Jang. If you are aware of other works by Sanam Jung, please leave a comment.

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